57th Annual Manor FFA Banquet

On Thursday, March 30 the Manor FFA held its annual banquet at Penn Manor High School.  Family, FFA members and FFA Alumni celebrated a year’s worth of accomplishments by the current members.

We were honored to have Deputy Secretary of Ag Gregory Hostetter and PA State FFA Officer Garrett Jenkins speak at the event, in addition to Representative Brett Miller being in attendance.  It was a wonderful evening where the hard work of the Manor FFA members were featured.

Awards, SAE grants and degree recipients are listed below.

Proficiency award recipients were Kayla McLain, Agriculture Education; Kenny Barley, Ag Mechanics; Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oatman, Agriscience; Rose Drumm, Beef Production; Dairy Production; Jonathon Eshbach, Diversified Crop Production; Sam Garrett, Diversified Livestock Production; Shelby Martin, Equine Science and Rebecca High, Swine Production.

Start-up SAE Grants were given to Marshall Ebersole, Abby Reiff, Tanner Bauman, Kylie Kreider, Emily Aukamp, Allison Lowe, Alyssa Chalfant, Maddy Denlinger, Damian Kreider and Melodie Garrett.  Expansion SAE Grants were given to Luke Frey, Angie Frola, Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oastman, Rebecca High and Austin Kolb.

The following members were awarded scholarship awards:  Bailey Smith, Kyle Bushong, Kayla McLain, Neve Consylman, Wesley Herr, Arilyn Tegtmeir-Oatman, Marshall Ebersole, Sam Garrett, Boyd Barley, Clara Hess, Kenny Barley and Rose Drumm.

Kenny Barley and Emily Aukamp were recognized for being awarded a Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship for a week-long conference this summer.

Leadership awards were given to Neve Consylman, Sam Garrett, Kayla McLain, Rose Drumm, Kenny Barley, Rebecca High, Austin Kolb, Lauren Sensenich, Mike Brumbaugh, Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oatman, Wes Herr, Colin Smith, Sarah Bleacher, Kyle Bushong, Emily Aukamp, Luke Frey, Lynsey Wissler, Lauren Sensenich and Maddy Denlinger.

Kayla Major was recognized for being awarded the highest degree in the FFA with the American Degree.  Manor FFA Seniors who were awarded their Keystones at the PA Farm Show were also recognized this included Rose Drumm, Neve Consylman, Ryan Barnett, Samantha Garrett, Wesley Herr, Kayla McLain, Connor Bitts, Evan Ressler, Lynsey Wissler,  and Boyd Barley.

Wesley Herr was recognized for being the Regional Star with his Keystone Degree.  Jonathon Eshbach and Elizabeth Broderick were Star Red Rose in production and agribusiness respectfully.  Star Chapter in Placement is Emily Aukamp, Star Chapter in Production is Rebecca High, Star Chapter in Agribusiness is Kyle Bushong, Star Chapter in Agriscience is Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oatman and Star Greenhand in Placement is Maddy Denlinger.

The 2017-2018 Manor FFA Officers were installed at the closing of the banquet.  These members include Kenny Barley, Emily Aukamp, Abby Reiff, Clara Hess, Elizabeth Broderick, Rebecca High,Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oatman, Luke Frey, Maddy Denlinger, Cody Hurlburt, Lauren Sensenich, Michael Brumbaugh, and Melodie Garrett.

Honorary Degree recipients were recognized for their continued support.  Honorary Degree recipients were Ms. Meagan Slates, Ken and Nancy Witmer, Mike and Nancy Nissley, Tim High, Franklin Myers, Aaron and Angie Breneman, Harold and Anna Barley, Ellen Bowman, and A. B. Acres.

Manor FFA would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters throughout the year.

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March 12, 2017 a group of seven students headed to Harrisburg, PA to learn more about our government functions involving agriculture. Sunday kicked off with workshops about parliamentary law and basic legislation. Students were then split into the House of Representatives and the Senate. After that they met with their party and divided into committees. In the committees, student looked at previous agriculture bills and revised them. They then took those bills through their party and to the House or Senate floor. After debating about the bills and issues that PA FFA chapters have been facing, they met for reflection with the PA State FFA Officers. The evening was wrapped up with amending the bills in committees and dinner. Monday started off early with breakfast. The entire House and Senate then met to vote and pass the proposed bills. Sadly, the weekend was cut short due to snow conditions but each member came out with a greater understanding of how agriculture is involved in our government.

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Student Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Austin Kolb for earning the student scholarship award.

Austin was nominated for this award he is a conscientious individual. He pursues and truly wants to learn. He stays organized and takes responsibility.

Congratulations again for being an outstanding FFA member.


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National FFA Week

National FFA Week is meant to raise spirits in the FFA across the nation. Here’s what happened this week in our chapter! Through out the week students also competed in the #manorffaphoto17 contest.

Monday’s photo challenge was you and your SAE.

Tuesday February 21, students showed their american pride by wearing red, white, and blue. In the evening, members gathered with other chapters at Hosses to eat dinner with our State Sentinel Garrett Jenkins. Tuesday’s photo challenge was your FFAmily.

Wednesday February 22, students showed their FFA pride and wore their official dress to school. In addition, the students and advisers prepared a teacher luncheon to thank teachers for their support in the FFA chapter. Wednesday’s photo challenge was your first or favorite time in Official Dress.

Thursday February 23, students argued the age old debate and wore their tractor of choice shirt or color to school. The evening held award interviews for the chapter banquet on March 30th. Thursday’s photo challenge was your favorite subject area in the AG Department.

Friday February 24, students wore their traditional flannels as well as Mini THON t-shirts. In the afternoon and evening, students then participated in Penn Manor’s second annual Mini THON and the school made $21,005.95 for Four Diamonds. Friday’s photo challenge was showing some appreciation for your advisers and FFA officers.

Thank you to all who participated and helped with National FFA Week!! Congratulation to Tanner Bauman for winning the #manorphoto17 challenge!

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ACES Journey 2017

Saturday February 18 into Sunday February 19, first year members pilled into the school vans for a weekend of fun and learning at the ACES Conference. ACES, the acronym for Agricultural Cooperation Establishes Success, is a conference intended for student to learn more about the FFA. Through different workshops students learn about FFA history, public speaking, leadership skills, personal goals, and more. Saturday evening is wrapped up with Dinner and a dance that brings members close, quite literally. Sunday morning students gather back together for breakfast and a service project before heading home.

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Mini THON Spaghetti Dinner & Auction

February 11, 2017, student and community members gathered together to support Penn Manor High school’s Mini THON. Mini THON is an event that raises money for Four Diamonds. The Four Diamonds supports families that are affected by childhood cancer and is continuously researching for a cure.

Four Diamonds was founded in 1972 in honor of Christopher Millard, who wrote a story of a great knight who sought out four diamonds. One of courage, one of wisdom, one of honesty, and one of strength. Christopher wrote this story because he believed they were the necessary characteristics to overcome cancer, which he was diagnosed with as a child. Christopher did not win his fight against cancer, but his parents were determined to help others win.

The evening kicked off with a spaghetti dinner at 5pm, which included drinks and gelato donated by Turkey Hill. There was a steady flow of community members through out the evening up until the auction. The auction then started at 6:30 where Miller and Siegrist Auctions graciously donated their time in order to help make this event a success.

Thanks to community members and many generous sponsors, the Manor FFA was able to raise $1,973 for Penn Manor High School’s Mini THON!!

Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for their generosity in making this event a success: Hand and Stone, Manor FFA, Scratch Cupcakes, Turkey Hill, Central Manor Bakery and Grill, David Hurlburt, EM Herr, Evans Candy, Leisure Lanes, LifeWay, Kay F. Sensenich, John Herr’s, Musser’s, Broderick’s Lanscape, Georges Family Restaurant, SK Pallet CO, West Willow United Methodist Church, Mrs. Myers, Miller and Siegrist Auctions.

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Keystone Award Recipients

Monday January 9th, during Pennsylvania’s 101 Farm Show and the FFA’s 84th Mid-Winter Convention, 11 students walked across the stage to receive the second highest achievable award in the FFA, the Keystone degree. Congratulations to Sam Garrett, Boyd Barley, Shelby Martin, Evan Ressler, Lynsey Wissler, Wes Herr, Kayla McLain, Conner Bitts, Neve Consylman, Ryan Barnett, and Rose Drumm.

The Keystone degree means that all the effort Sam put into her SAE projects has paid off and that she can continue her FFA career. After she graduates Sam plans on running for FFA State Office and then attending college to become a veterinary technician. Her advice for future Keystone Degree runner is to be passionate about your SAEs and keep up to date with AET as well as planning ahead. She plans on striving for her American Degree.

Boyd views the Keystone Degree as that his SAE projects were good enough to get him to this level. His plan for after high school is to work on his family’s farm. Boyd’s advice to future applicants is to keep AET up to date. He has yet to decide if he is applying for his American Degree.

The Keystone Degree means that Shelby can continue on to get her American Degree. After high school she plans on going to Morrisville State College to obtain her associates and bachelors in equine. Her advice for future students going for their Keystone is to stay as involved as possible and to set and surpass their goals. Shelby plans on going for her American Degree.

Evan thinks of the Keystone Degree as a representation of his dedication to the FFA and his achievements it has taken to earn this degree. After high school, Evan plans on attending college to major in civil engineering. His advice to future applicants is to get and stay involved as early as possible and to record everything in AET. Evan does not plan on running for his American Degree.

The Keystone Degree proves that hard work pays off to Lynsey, and that she can do anything she sets her mind to. After high school Lynsey plans on attending a four year university to get her Master’s degree in childhood education. Her advice when going for your keystone iis to stick with it because it will pay off and you will be glad you accomplished it. She does not plan on going for her American Degree.

Wes views the Keystone degree as a family tradition as well as a way to exemplify his leadership in the FFA. His plans after High School is to find a career in Plant Science and possibly attend a technical school in that time. Wes’s advice to future students going for their Keystone is to always keep your record books accurate and up to date as well as going the extra mile whenever possible. He plans on going for his American Degree.

Kayla sees the Keystone Degree as her last four years of hard, dedicated, and focused work. After high school she plans on going to Penn State to major in Ag Business Management. Her advice to future Keystone nominees is to work hard and keep their AET up to date. Kayla plans on attaining her American Degree.

The Keystone Degree means a lot to Connor and he feels it is a big accomplishment to withhold. After High School Connor plans on going to Stevens Trade School for two years. His advice to future students going for their Keystone is to fill out your AET and don’t procrastinate. Connor has yet to decide if he is going for his American Degree.

Neve feels the keystone degree means the last four years of hard work and dedication have paid off. After high school, Neve plans on going to going for either an Ag Education or an Automotive Technician. Her advice to future Keystone Applicants is to not wait until the last minute to fill in your AET. Neve does not plan on going for her American Degree.

The Keystone Degree means Ryan has reached the second highest award attainable in FFA. After high school he plans on taking over his grandparents farm. His advice for future students running for their Keystone Degree is to make sure their AET is always up to date. Ryan plans on striving for his American Degree.

Rose thinks of the Keystone Degree as a tradition since both of her sisters and father received the award. After High School Rose plans on running for a state FFA Office and then run her family farm. Her advice for future applicants is to cherish it and remember that it is worth it. Rose plans on running for her American Degree.


Left to Right: Sam, Boyd, Shelby, Evan, Lynsey, Wes, Kayla, Connor, Neve, Ryan, Rose.


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