Meet the Officers

Since the school year is just beginning, I would like to further introduce your 2016-2017 Manor FFA Officers.

IMG_4350The President – Sam Garrett is in 12th grade. She loves attending all FFA events but her favorite is the Fall Picnic. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. After high school she plans to run for a State FFA Office and the go to college for Ag Education or Vet Tech. Her piece of advice for future FFA Officers is to be passionate about the blue corduroy jacket, the members you serve and most importantly about the agriculture industry.

IMG_4351The Vice President – Rose Drumm is in 12th grade. Her favorite food is steak and potatoes. Her favorite activity is showing her pigs, steers, and lambs. Her future plans are to run for a State FFA Office and then work on a farm. Rose’s advice is to have fun, be brave, jump in, and speak out.

IMG_4473The Executive Vice President – Wes Herr is in 12th grade. His favorite event is working out in the field. He enjoys eating roast beef with gravy and mashed potatoes. After high school, Wes plans on going into the Plant Science Field. His advice for future Officers is to always be willing to set your own plans into action.

image2The Advisor – Boyd Barley is in 12th grade. His favorite foods are pizza, crabs, chicken pie, and chicken and waffles. His favorite FFA activities are the Barn Party and Lock-in. His future plans are to be a farmer on his dad’s farm. The advice he gave for future Officers is to get to know each other and to get along.

IMG_4392The Treasurer – Liz Broderick is in 11th grade. She likes to play soccer and enjoys eating cream dried beef. Her future plans aren’t solid but she would like to go somewhere in the Plant Science Field. She advises future FFA Officers to speak up and share your opinion even if no one agrees with you.

IMG_4358The Treasurer – Mel Garrett is in 10th grade. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes. She enjoys horseback riding and swimming in her free time. After high school she wants to become either a Pediatrician, Nurse, or Ag teacher. Her advice to future Officers is to not wait to apply to become an officer. Go for it freshman year, you may not think you’re old enough or qualified enough but you can make it. Just try.

image1The Reporter – Rebecca High, oh hey that’s me! I’m in 10 grade this year. I enjoy cooking/baking, writing, and any crafty activity. My favorite foods are bacon and cheese. After high school I plan on going into the culinary industry with college training. My advice to future Officers is to communicate with each  other and stay organized.

IMG_4359The Secretary – Clara Hess is in 11th grade. Her favorite food is Kraft Mac N’ Cheese and she loves to hang out with friends. She has yet to decide but would like to continue after high school in the agricultural industry. Her advice for future FFA Officers is to not be afraid to voice your own opinion in a group setting.

IMG_4364The Corresponding Secretary – Arilyn Tegtmeier is a 10th grader. Her favorite thing to do is dance and she adores orange juice. After high school Arilyn plans on becoming an animal nutritionist. She advises future Officers to work hard and have fun.

IMG_4391The Chaplain – Kenny Barley is in 11th grade. His favorite activity is spending time in the shop. Turkey gravy and waffles is his favorite food. He plans on attending college for agronomy and then using that knowledge to make decisions on the farm. His piece of advice for future Officers is to always communicate.

IMG_4465The Sentinel – Emily Aukamp is an 11th grader. She likes ethnic foods such as Chinese food. Her favorite activity is spending time with friends and family. She plans on going to DelVal college majoring in equine management and eventually owning her own ranch to help horses with behavioral issues. She advises future FFA Officers to get involved as soon as possible. To be active and put your whole heart into your position. Oh, and be awesome.

IMG_4362The Historian – Cherish Frick is in 11th grade. She enjoys hunting, listening to music, and playing softball. Her favorite food is Chinese. After high school she plans on becoming an architectural engineer. Her advice is not to be afraid of pushing yourself to do something different.

image1 (1)The Parliamentarian – Tanner Bauman is an 11th grader. He enjoys good walks and chicken broccoli rice casserole. After high school he plans on going into crop education. His piece of advice to upcoming officers is not to be afraid to stand out, be a great leader, and express your own opinion.

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State Convention

From Monday, June 13 to Thursday, June 16, five teams and six individuals competed at the State level. Congratulations to all!!

Land Judging placed 2nd.

Meats Team placed 1st with individuals Jonathan Eshbach placing 2nd and Tanner Bauman placing 3rd. They will be attending National Convention!

Parliamentary Procedure received 6th place.

Poultry Evaluation Team received 2nd place with individual Nate Metzler achieving 1st. They will be attending the Big E along with Land Judging.

The Small Gas Engines Team took 1st with individuals Levi Dehl placing 1st and Kenny Barley claiming 2nd. They will be attending National Convention along with Meats!

Sam Garrett took 1st for the 2015/2016 Scrapbook.

Rose Drumm won State Proficiency for Ag Communication.

Kenny Barley won State Proficiency for Diversified Crop.

Wes Herr won State Proficiency for Landscape Management.

Emily Alexander took 1st place as an individual for Veterinary Science.

This years delegates were Sammy Bleacher and Wes Herr.

Neve Consylman served on the State Officer Nominating Committee.

Justin High was nominated for State Officer but sadly did not receive an office this year.

Congratulations again to all State Convention Competitors! Best of luck at Big E and National Convention!!

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Regional Placements

Congratulations to all the CDE teams that went to Regional Competition! Parliamentary Procedure, Meats, Poultry, and Land Judging will all be going to the State Competition Level.

The Parliamentary Procedure team placed 3rd as a whole. The team was composed of Rose Drumm, Emily Aukamp, Sam Garrett, Meredith Reed, Melodie Garrett, and Sophie Hall. There was no individual placing at regional level.

Meats team did not have any team placement. Liz Broderick placed 1st, Clara Hess placed 2nd, Tanner Bauman placed 7th, and Isiah Smith placed 13th.

Poultry consisted Consisted of Nate Metzler placing 2nd,  Hannah Gerberich placing 7th, Cherish Frick placing 8th, Blake Rohrer placing 11th, and Kyle Bushong placing 14th. The team placed 2nd overall.

The Land Judging team consisted of Arilyn Tegtmeier, Sophie Baumgardner, and Tabitha Swope. They placed 3rd as a team.

Huge congradulations to all the teams! Here’s hoping for Nationals!!

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Drive Your Tractor To School Day

Thursday, May 12, Manor FFA students drove their tractor of choice to school. This day was set up to educate AG students as well as other students on the different tractors and their uses. Lancaster newspaper came in and did an interview of Manor’s very own Katey Bleacher and Kenny Barley. Go to LNP + LancasterOnline.come’s Facebook Page and search “Drive Your Tractor To School” to see the video they put together. This day brings out the greatest debate in FFA History, John Deer or Farm All? Let me know!!

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Star Red Rose Degree Recipient

Congratulations to Wesley Herr for winning the County Star Red Rose in Placement. This Degree requires three years of dedication to the FFA and the previous acquisition of the Chapter and Greenhand Degrees.

Wes earned this award through his dedication to the FFA and working over and beyond with his SAEs. He worked for a farm and landscaping company, keeping track in his AET regularly.

While applying for this award, applicants can face many obstacles. Wes explained how keeping track of his SAEs was difficult and also how it was hard to manage his time between jobs and school.

For anyone going out for a Star Red Rose, here is some advice from Wes. He says to always be confident. When you’re going in for your interview, don’t get nervous. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the ride. He also mentioned to keep your AET sharp. Take time with your entries and be thorough with what you did that day.

Once again we would like to congratulate Wesley Herr in earning the Star Red Rose in Placement. Keep striving for your best!



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56th Annual Manor FFA Banquet

Thursday, March 31st. Manor FFA hosted their 56th Annual Awards Banquet at Penn Manor High School. Throughout the event, members and alumni celebrated the FFA and spoke about memories past.

The evening started out with the keynote speaker, Mr. Johnathan Noss, the State FFA Chaplain. He spoke on the year’s theme, Telling Our Story, and gave his life story, including how the FFA changed his life.

Then the awards ceremony began, honoring students scholarship, proficiency, and leadership, as well as SAE grants and degrees.

Scholarship Award recipients include Ellie Barley, Cheyanne Ditzler, Wesley Herr, Katey Bleacher, Sammy Bleacher, Emily Alexander, Boyd Barley, Evan Ressler, Samantha Garrett, Justin High, Rose Drumm, Nate Phan, Jonathan Eshbach, Luke Frey, Arilyn Tegtmeier, and Rebecca High.

Proficiency Award recipients include Arilyn Tegtmeier, Katey Bleacher, Kayla McLain, Kenny Barley, Nate Phan, Rose Drumm, Neve Consylman, Samantha Garrett, Shelby Martin, and Wesley Herr.

Leadership Award recipients include Sammy Bleacher, Ellie Barley, Melodie Garrett, Nathan Phan, Katey Bleacher, Arilyn Tegtmeier, Rebecca High, Jonathan Eshbach, Luke Frey, Kyle Bushong, Bailey Smith, Katelyn Welsh, Richard Beamsderfer, Boyd Barley, Cheyanne Ditzler, Wesley Herr, Rose Drumm, and Justin High.

Samantha Garrett, Melodie Garrett, Luke Frey, Liz Broderick, and Rebecca High all earned the SAE Start Up Grant to experiment in additional areas of agricultural interest.

The SAE Expansion Grant was awarded to Boyd Barley, Allison Lowe, Rebecca High, Rose Drumm, and Arilyn Tegtmeier to help them expand their current SAE project.

Fifty-one students were awarded their Greenhand Degree, the first year degree for FFA members. The Star in Greenhand Placement was awarded to Kyle Bushong. Rebecca High was awarded the Star in Greenhand Production, and the Star in Agriscience was awarded to Arilyn Tegtmeier.

Twelve students earned their Chapter degree, the second year degree. Kenney Barley earned Star Chapter in Placement and Clara Hess earned Star Chapter in Production.

Eleven students were awarded their Red Rose Degree, the third degree in the FFA. County Star Red Rose in Placement was awarded to Wesley Herr and Rose Drumm was awarded the Star Red Rose in Production. 

Fourteen students earned their Keystone Degree, the second highest degree in FFA. These members included Emily Alexander, Ellie Barley, Katey Bleacher, Sammy Bleacher, Joel Burkholder, Cheyanne Ditzler, Emily Ferrick, Justin High, Katie Huber, Chad Goshert, Aiden Kimmet, Scott Neff, Kara Rohrer, and Nate Phan.

Four FFA members who have already graduated went on to earn their American Degree, the highest degree attainable in FFA. These members included Victoria Herr, Katie Hess, Jesse Burkholder, and Aaron Breneman.

The 2016/2017 Manor FFA Officers were installed at the closing of the banquet. These members include Samantha Garrett, Rose Drumm, Wesley Herr, Boyd Barley, Elizabeth Broderick, Melodie Garrett, Rebecca High, Clara Hess, Arilyn Tegtmeier, Kenny Barley, Emily Aukamp, Cherish Frick, and Tanner Bauman.
Manor FFA would like to thank our many sponsors. Without you all, none of these awards would have been possible.

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Manor FFA Mini Thon Carnival 2016

Thon is a fundraiser for pediatric cancer hosted by  Penn State. Thon raised over 9 million dollars in 2016. Penn State student go 46 hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon known as Thon Weekend. A Mini Thon is a high school version of Thon.

Penn Manor High School is hosting a Mini Thon on April 15th. In support of the Mini Thon, Manor FFA is holding a carnival on April 10th. The carnival will have fun, food, and games including plinko, a ring toss, and a gold fish toss.

Who? The community

When? April 10th 1:00-4:00 pm

Where? Pequea Church  (40 Church Road Lancaster, PA 17603)

Screenshot from 2016-03-30 10:35:42

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